Afternoon in Guildford

historical novels by Michael Arnold

English Civil War historical novels signed by Michael Arnold 

Twenty minutes late getting to Guildford. Mechanical fault on the train.

Bridge over the River Wey, a couple of stalls, one selling cheese, the other honey and beeswax, ceramics and English Civil War historical novels, signed copies by Michael Arnold (a strange mix).

Tacky stalls in Guildford High Street selling Christmas tat. Why?

Lunch at Turn Fit Deli. I had intended to return later for a coffee. Beef ragu. Not something I would as a rule have, a sort of minced beef stew with rice. Spicy, a tad too spicy. But otherwise excellent. Flat wooden spoons. I probably should have used a fork. A man had soup, which he said was excellent, though he commented it was a little too spicy. Not easy, soup with a wooden spoon.

Served in a paper pot, which is folded over the top. OK for takeaway, though I can see grave danger of spillage. Far better, paper or card tray or pot, with plant based-cellulose lid (as they do at Iydea in Brighton). All can be recycled through a compost heap. But for eat in, far better on a plate or in a bowl.

I learnt they do breakfast. On display egg and bacon muffins. Unusual and looked delicious, though I would not eat, as I do not eat eggs.

Eat Fit Deli, to be added to places to eat in Guildford.

Quick look in Ben’s Records, Merry Christmas to Ben, then rest of the afternoon in Eat Fit Deli enjoying an excellent cappuccino. On the way, I pop in Tourist Information Office, and let them know, Eat Fit Deli, is not only good for coffee, but also excellent food too.


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