Turn Fit Deli

coffee beans at Turn Fit Deli

coffee beans at Turn Fit Deli

Turn Fit Deli

Turn Fit Deli



Turn Fit Deli only opened early this month and it has already shot to the No 1 coffee spot in Guildford (No 2 jointly shared by FCB Coffee kiosk and Harris + Hoole).

I popped in Turn Fit Deli a couple of weeks ago, maybe a couple of days after it had opened.

Excellent coffee from new coffee shop, Turn Fit Deli. Weird name. Coffee, coffee beans, light lunches, cakes and cookies, everything home made by different people.

Atmosphere is minimalist, modern.

Turn Fit Deli shows how to if you wish to open a coffee shop with a reputation, buy in world class coffee beans, employ a word class barista who knows his coffee. Turn Fit Deli has done both.  You cannot cut corners when it comes to serving coffee.

Word of mouth, Turn Fit Deli  has already acquired a reputation with coffee connoisseurs as the place for coffee.

Everything where possible, locally sourced.

We need a network of local businesses, each sporting each other.

Next step use FairCoin and introduce a local currency.

Absolutely no excuse for farmers on farmers market letting themselves and everyone else down buying disgusting  coffee from Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks.

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One Response to “Turn Fit Deli”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Surrey Hills Coffee, what was Turn Fit Deli, is now officially open.


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