Guildford Christmas farmers market

busy High Street

busy High Street

Celtic Baker

Celtic Baker



The Little Beer Corporation

The Little Beer Corporation

ginger beer and elderflower

ginger beer and elderflower

Only ten days until Christmas. An extra farmers market for Christmas.

I did not expect to see many people. A dull damp wet day, then heavy rain. But to my surprise the High Street was busy. Only they were not here for the farmers market, they were Christmas shoppers.

I felt sorry for the stall holders, piled high and no one buying.

No lessons learnt from the summer. An extra farmers market, stock brought in, stock taken back. Why? Lack of publicity. I only knew about this market, and the one in summer, because stall holders told me.

Contrast with two weeks ago, first Tuesday of the month, when many stalls were already sold out by lunchtime.

The problem food wise, ten days before Christmas is too early for food shopping.

But at least today, I was able to get a loaf of bread off Celtic Baker and a pie off the pie stall.

I also got a couple of mince pies off Celtic baker. I did not buy more as very expensive. I was to later regret as excellent.

Apples off the apple juice stall. I would have liked rhubarb and strawberry jam, but they did not have any. Maybe seasonal.

A chat with The Little Beer Corporation. Their idea for company structure very much resembles Open Coops.

Why an overflowing drain by the Isle of Wight tomato stall? Health implications? Been like it for years apparently.

Outside Angel Gate, a massive diesel generator. Why? Noise and very unpleasant diesel fumes. Not good health wise. The stalls nearby should be given a free pitch next market.

By the time I reached the top of the High Street, what until then had been light drizzle, was now turning into heavy rain.

Lunch in the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. Sadly it is going downhill fast. Thai green curry was not good, ironically better in their takeaway at the top of the High Street. Service appalling. Served by Miss Glum. Had she smiled her face would have cracked. The staff are not doing the owner any favours.

frog in craft exhibition in Guildford House

frog in craft exhibition in Guildford House

stained-glass kaleidoscopes

stained-glass kaleidoscopes

On the way back down a visit to Guildford House. A craft fair in one room. Star of the exhibition, stained-glass kaleidoscopes.  Each one a work of art (with a  price to match). Very much collectors pieces.  And not forgetting a frog.

Excellent cappuccino in the new coffee shop in Chapel Street, Turn Fit Deli, where as it was now very heavy rain, I stayed until they closed.

Turn Fit Deli only opened early this month and it has already shot to the No 1 coffee spot in Guildford (No 2 jointly shared by FCB Coffee kiosk and Harris + Hoole).

Absolutely no excuse for farmers on farmers market letting themselves and everyone else down buying disgusting  coffee from Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks, when they can pick up a coffee from Turn Fit Deli.


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