disgusting cappuccino

In the last three years three new coffee shops have opened in Aldershot. MangoBean is the third. None serves a decent cup of coffee.

Very basic, basic as in grim as opposed to basic rough hewn tables with atmosphere. More like a cafe with silly infantile slogans on the wall.

No atmosphere.

Loud moronic music.

Coffee is not good. I have tried a few times since it opened, the last time it was undrinkable.

Lots of gimmicks. Good coffee does not need gimmicks. You do not adulterate good coffee. On the other hand, bad coffee needs something adding to try and hide the bad taste.

Very poor quality coffee.

From their website says it all:

Our brand is light hearted and fun, it’s not all about the way the bean is roasted or whether it’s grown on the west or east side of the valley.

What is the point in opening a coffee shop, if you have no intention of serving great coffee?

For rubbish coffee I can visit Costa or Starbucks.

On the website, no information about coffee, plenty of information about franchising.

Franchising scam, find a few mugs, part them from their money.

If you want to open a coffee shop, do not fall for a franchising scam, or think it is a get rich quick scheme, because it is not.

First, you have to have a love of all things coffee, not just the brewing, the roasting, but the beans, where they come from, where they grow. Then you go and work at a reputable coffee shop, learn all you can from a skilled barista. And only then, think of opening your own coffee shop.

Wifi is poor, slow connection.

It is not difficult to serve quality coffee, employ a skilled barista, buy in quality coffee beans from a reputable coffee roaster. .

What MangoBean illustrates you cannot produce a barista through a short period of training. It is experience, gained through working alongside a skilled barista.

If you want a decent coffee then it will be a trip to London, to Brighton, Winchester or Guildford, but not Aldershot.

Lack of decent coffee, is another reason not to visit Aldershot.


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