Armistice Day in London

At the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, the guns fell silent on the battlefields of World War One.

At eleven o’clock, a minute silence to mark the event.

Off to London to spend the day with my lovely friend Georgia. I rushed out the house. It was not until I neared the station, I realised I had left Christmas presents at home.

Hop off the bus, catch bus home, pick up presents,  and set off again.

I let my friend Georgia know, I was running late.

We met under the big clock at Waterloo Station.

view down river from Hungerford Bridge

view down river from Hungerford Bridge

It was then over Hungerford Bridge, through Embankment Gardens and up into Covent Garden.

Sadly Food For Thought no more, else that is where we would have ate.

Classy Cool string quartet

Classy Cool string quartet

Christmas decorations in Covent Garden

Christmas decorations in Covent Garden

As we walked through Covent Garden Garden, wonderful classical music drifting through the air. Where was it coming from, we could not see? We followed our ears, and found a string quartet Classy Cool playing at a lower level. I picked up two CDs, one for me, one for Georgia.

Georgia wished to show me Seven Dials. What she actually showed me was Neal’s Yard. I can see why the confusion. The area seems to be known as Seven Dials. New to me.

I took her to Seven Dials.

Wild Food Cafe in Neal's Yard

Wild Food Cafe in Neal’s Yard

The Black Penny

The Black Penny

We could have eaten at the Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden, but I had promised to take her to a coffee shop, The Black Penny.

The pumpkin soup was excellent, but the chickpea salad and chicken not good.

It was then Leicester Square.

Cake at Patisserie Valerie. I was not impressed.  But then did not expect much, it is a chain.

Through Soho to Oxford Street and all along Oxford. Christmas lights. Destination Primark. The shop packed.

Then to the Tube, one stop, then sad goodbye.


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