Bombing in cloud cuckoo land

Less than half of voters back airstrikes on Syria

Less than half of voters back airstrikes on Syria

Today MPs debate whether or not to bomb Syria.

David Cameron has refused a two day debate, refused to grant his MPs a free vote, refused to apologise for his disgraceful remark last night that those who oppose bombing of Syria are sympathisers of terrorists.

Meanwhile public support is melting away as people wake up to the lies they are being told.

Speaking on Wato lunchtime today, a Tory MP claimed British air strikes would degrade Isis.


So what has over a month of Russian air strikes, over a year of American air strikes done?

David Cameron has a point, if forces in Iraq are threatened by Isis over the border, we should not let an arbitrary line deter us, but that is a different matter.

We are not re-enacting WWII, easily defined targets, airfields, command posts, railway lines, sidings, power stations, factories, where the enemy is seriously degraded.

The myth of forces on the ground has been exposed as just that, a  myth.

There are forces on the ground, many are as bad as Isis, if not worse. Their interest is holding on to their existing territory. They are  not going to take the fight to Isis, neither are the Kurds.

If there are forces on the ground, attacking Isis or under attack by Isis, call for air support, that is a different matter.

David Cameron says we are already under threat from Isis. Bombing will increase that threat. That is not an argument against effective action, any action would increase that threat, but effective action would reduce in the long term.

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2 Responses to “Bombing in cloud cuckoo land”

  1. keithpp Says:

    A little after ten o’clock tonight, MPs voted to bomb Syria. Within hours, airstrikes will take place.

    Hilary Benn gave an impassioned speech on Isis being Fascists, of volunteers joining the International Brigade, of Fascism in German being defeated, that we must defeat Isis.

    He is correct, fundamentalist Islam is fascism, and we should not mince our words. He is equally correct, we must defeat isis.

    You do not defeat Isis by dropping bombs on Syria.

    A pity Hilary Benn has not given the same impassioned speech on Climate Change.

    On the ground there are many different groups. It is not Isis v Syrian Army.

    From the debate, casual listeners would be fooled into thinking the British were launching something like the massed heavy bomber raids on German.

    The British airstrikes will be half a dozen panes based in Cyprus, plus drones, a small contribution compared with that of US and Russia.

    It is all about Britain holding its place in the world.

    What of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Sates, financiers and exporters of terrorism? What action will we take?

    In the unlikely event of Isis being wiped out by dropping a few bombs, what then, what will take the place of Isis?

  2. keithpp Says:

    Whinging Labour Party MPs and Jeremy Corbyn smear campaign

    Rise of Isis

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