Guildford farmers market

wintry River Wey

wintry River Wey

Guildford farmers market December 2015 01

Celtic Baker

Guildford farmers market December 2015 02

walnuts in honey

The Little Beer Corporation

The Little Beer Corporation

Dull day, mild, but very windy.

As Debenhams had roast pork, I stopped for dinner. Had I visited market first then had lunch, there would have been nothing left. I noticed as I left, it was already gone from the menu.

But it meant, nothing left on many of the stalls. I asked, would it have made a difference if I had been an hour earlier. They said no, it had been a very busy day and Celtic Baker had short supplies today. I have never seen Celtic Baker with so little on his stall, the pie stall had two pies left.

No bread, no pies.

I was though able to get jars of honey with walnuts, a bottle of English wine, jam and a couple of beers.

Standards need to be improved. If the South Bank street food market can set high environmental standards then so can Guildford for their farmers market.

It was good to see the The Little Beer Corporation had a stall. You cannot get more local, as they brew their beer in Guildford. Why not sooner?

The structure of The Little Beer Corporation is, or will be, that of an open co-op, with crowd-sourced funding. A lead more local businesses should follow. A local  network of open co-coops, each supporting each other, retaining money within the local economy, supporting the local community, contributing to the collaborative commons. All the more reason they should have been offered a stall on the market months ago.

A new coffee shop has opened in Guildford, Turn Fit Deli. Light lunches, cakes, cookies. Why oh why are the farmers buying disgusting coffee from Costa and tax-dodging Starbucks when they can get an excellent cappuccino from Turn Fit Deli? If they wish us to buy their produce, they in turn should be supporting quality local businesses, anything less is appalling hypocrisy.

There will an additional Christmas farmers market in two week’s time.


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