Pelicano Coffee and Tea House

mouthwatering cakes

mouthwatering cakes

espresso based

espresso based

Pelicano Coffee and Tea House

Pelicano Coffee and Tea House



First Sunday in November.

I may have looked in Pelicano Coffee and Tea House the week before, I cannot recall, but probably did and made a mental note

Lovely atmosphere, though very tiny. There is seating out the back, and I think, but cannot be certain, more seating upstairs.

Wonderful and very tempting choice of cakes. Spoilt for choice. Do they make? I do not know, and did not ask, but they looked, if not, a local bakery.

I ordered a cake and a cappuccino.

The cake was as delicious as it looked.

The coffee, not gold standard and in many ways a disappointment.  It looked good, but something not quite right.  Though I hasten to add far superior to the disgusting hot liquid they serve in Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks.

They roast their own coffee, and maybe therein lies the problem. At least if they have not laboured and learnt under a master coffee roaster.

The coffee is roasted upstairs and on sale.

Very popular.

Pelicano Coffee and Tea House is located in North Laine in Brighton.

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