Trip to London

London Eye

London Eye

A bitterly cold November day in London.

Disgraceful train service by SouthWestTrains to Waterloo. Only one man manning the ticket office, long queue, train five minutes late, only five coaches, passengers packed in like sardines, standing room only, by the time train leaves running ten minutes late, arrival at Waterloo over ten minutes late.

Lunch at South Bank street food market. I have a burger that at £6 expensive compared with food off other stalls. I tried a sample, and I enjoyed, but did not enjoy the burger.

Coffee from Ethiopia coffee stall. Excellent cappuccino, one of the best, but at £2-90 for a tiny cup, expensive.

Walking along The Embankment to Westminster Bridge freezing cold. So cold I thought my fingers would drop off.

As I neared Westminster Bridge I could barely move, such were the crowds, and over Westminster Bridge and around Westminster. Not helped by idiots standing in the middle of the street taking pictures of themselves.

A man asked me the way to Methodist Central Hall. Strictly speaking, he showed me his ticket to an event and asked where it was. I told him  to follow me as that was where I was heading.

Beyond Austerity in Methodist Central Hall. Luckily only starting to fill up and got a good seat in the balcony.

Set piece speeches from Trade Union leaders and anti-war, all seven of them, addressing the fraternal Comrades and Brothers. Followed by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and shadow chancellor John McDonnell. I was quite impressed by John McDonnell, he knows what he is talking about. More of the same followed, which I did not attend. Managed to corner Yanis Varoufakis, books signed.

From Westminster, walked through through Whitehall to Piccadilly Circus.

Popped in Waterstone’s in Piccadilly. Apart from Waterstone’s Oxford and P&G Wells in Winchester, the only bookshop in the country to stock Change Everything. I could not find, had to ask member of staff who found for me.

A conversation with a lady who had This Changes Everything. I recommended PostCapitalism,  and took her to where it was on the shelf. Had I thought, I would also have recommended Sacred Economics.

To Covent Garden via Oxford Street and through Soho. A slightly long way round. Could barely walk down Oxford Street, too many people.

To Home Slice in Neal’s Yard. Full, though a few girls looked as though they were leaving. Are you on the list? What list? We put you on the list, then we call you when a table is free. We will call you in about one and a half hours.

A cappuccino in M&S opposite Covent Garden Tube Station. It was ok. Better than disgusting coffee in Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks.

A call, a table free.

A slice of mushroom pizza as on Monday. Hungry a second slice. Delicious. Half of lager, another half. The lager locally sourced.

Then walked to Waterloo Station.

Beneath Hungerford Bridge, music. Skating, though not ice skating.

Late at night, yet another overcrowded train, again only five coaches. Leaves on time, then runs slower and slower, now ten minutes late.

I had ten minutes to catch a bus. Luckily I caught it, as running late.

Very cold night.



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