The Ethiopian Coffee Company Coffee Roasters

coffee beans

coffee beans



Coffee from The Ethiopian Coffee Company coffee stall.

I asked was their beans ground fresh for each cup? Yes, you asked last time. My reason for asking was because I knew the other coffee stall at the South Bank street food market did not, too much trouble, but I could not remember whether true of both. Impressed I asked.

Excellent cappuccino, one of the best but at £2-90 for a tiny cup, expensive.

The beans freshly roasted, then delivered to to the stall, seven to ten days after roasting.

My last visit, beans had an earthy smell, which put me off. This visit a slight aroma, but not very noticeable, not if  compare with Union hand roasted or beans from Pelicano for example. Why I do not know. Maybe because out in the open, not in an enclosed container. I will have to consult my coffee experts.

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One Response to “The Ethiopian Coffee Company Coffee Roasters”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Coffee experts confirmed what I thought, little aroma because beans are out on the open.

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