Parcel dumped on doorstep

parcel dumped on doorstep

parcel dumped on doorstep

card for dumped parcel

card for dumped parcel

Four weeks ago I found a parcel dumped on my doorstep. From the card I also found, it had been there several days. It could have been stolen, had it rained, it would have been a soggy mess.

Then, it beggared belief, a little later I found a second parcel had been dumped on my doorstep, and it was not even addressed to me.

A postman then appeared, and from the conversation that ensured, I appeared to be dealing with someone who had a few screws loose.

I objected to parcels being dumped. Postman claimed it was not dumped, as he was allowed to leave in a safe place. His definition of safe differs from the dictionary definition or common usage.

He vanished, then re-appeared. He said it was ok to leave a parcel if the person said it was ok. He seemed to have completely lost the plot. It is not for me to say it is ok to leave a parcel not intended for me, that is for the intended recipient.

I had never seen this postman before. I am sorry to say he now appears to be my regular postman

The parcel I put to one side and only opened a couple of days ago. A book, luckily it was ok.


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One Response to “Parcel dumped on doorstep”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Postman delivers package … to wheelie bin

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