spicy dahl soup

spicy dhal soup

Four weeks ago, my last day in Athens, a flight to catch in the evening.

Morning and early afternoon at the Ancient Agora of Athens. Time for lunch, and hopefully a visit to The Acropolis Museum, but time was not on my side.

I had passed by Avocado a few evenings ago, on taking what I hoped was a short cut from Monastiraki and finding myself in a part of Athens with which I was not familiar.

I headed in what I hoped was the right direction, and luckily my sense of direction did not let me down.

Spicy dhal soup was excellent. Sadly the same could not be said for the bean burger, or whatever it was. It was disgusting. At almost ten euros, not cheap.

The mistake that was made, and same with other menu items cannot tell the difference from real meat balls, was to try to produce meat substitutes. If I wanted a burger I would go and eat a real burger (emphasis, real burger, not the disgusting yuk served by McDonald’s).

They need to look at somewhere like Food for Thought, though not possible, as no longer in existence, or at least obtain their cookbook.

Is it ok? No.

They took it away untouched, and offered to serve me a fresh dish. They were quite embarrassed. I said no, I did not have the time.

I was only charged for the soup.

I felt a bit bad, my turn to feel embarrassed, but it was disgusting, and I could not eat it.

Atmosphere inside fine, but wrong location.

They need to be in Plaka, with outside seating, and drastically change the menu. Whey even have a menu? Do as Food for Thought, fresh menu everyday.

I found I could cut down a street that led into Plaka. It was then The Acropolis Museum, but first stop Restaurant Plaka and a small plate of chips and an ice cream off Coco’s ice cream.

Avocado claims to be the only vegetarian restaurant in Athens.  Whether true or not, I do not know, but when I stumbled across it one evening I stopped out of curiosity and had a chat, as it was the only vegetarian restaurant I had seen.

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