Expansion of Heathrow?

M25 on approach to Heathrow

M25 on approach to Heathrow

M25 on approach to Heathrow

M25 on approach to Heathrow

Expansion of Heathrow, a third runway?

Think again, the existing infrastructure cannot cope.

Late Friday afternoon, on the M25 on the approach to Heathrow, nose to tail, one massive traffic jam.

The levels of air pollution on the approach roads exceed safe limits. Thus expansion could not be permitted, as would exceed legal limits on air pollution, never mind the contribution to CO2 and global warming.

not sure whether to laugh or cry

not sure whether to laugh or cry

But rest assured, Heathrow does care about the environment. They have wood-fired stoves to warm Terminal 3, or at least wood-fired heating.

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2 Responses to “Expansion of Heathrow?”

  1. travelrat Says:

    Why, indeed? London isn’t the only city in UK; why not expand Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham or Bristol instead? Or, there’s the recently vacated RAF stations at Manston and Lyneham that could be used..

  2. keithpp Says:

    To completely miss the point, or maybe not noticed the floods across UK, in US and South America or that we have had the hottest December on record.

    To miss the point of COP21 in Paris, that we have to keep over 80% of carbon in the ground if we are to limit global temperature rise to below 2C.

    To miss the point aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

    We have to cut aviation, not expand.

    No way should there be airports at Manston or Lyneham.

    That is not to say there is not an argument to redistribute flights away from Heathrow and Gatwick to regional airports.

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