Lunch at Guildford Institute

excellent choice of dishes

excellent choice of dishes

mushroom and spinach lasagne

mushroom and spinach lasagne with couscous 

There used to be excellent food at the Guildford Institute, then the lady who provided lunch on a Friday left.

I now eat elsewhere.

Last week an occasional diner told me someone new was doing the food on a Friday and it was good. She recommended I gave it a try, and was interested to hear what I thought.

She was right, or at least partially so.

The choice of main course was excellent, indeed spoilt for choice. On a par with the high standard had been used to on a Friday.

I chose mushroom and spinach lasagne. Excellent.

The salads left much to be desired as did the sweets.

I chose couscous. I would have preferred a little of three of the salads, but not possible. Lack of flexibility not good.

For dessert, apple pie. But no cream. There was custard out of a pot from Tesco. Er, you got to be joking.

Good news, main course a vast improvement. Bad news, last day.

Food today was provided by Kitchen Sink Catering (dumb name). With reservations outlined above, they should be invited by the Guildford Institute to do Friday and Saturday, to give people a choice.

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