Taylor St Baristas Brighton closed

That's All Folks Closed: Thank you for your custom

That’s All Folks Closed: Thank you for your custom …

Passing by Taylor St Baristas Sunday evening, I learnt the sad news it had closed its doors for the very last time.

I thought something was up, as a To Let sign on the front of the shop.

Apparently it was not doing very well, and the decision was made to close.

A pity as it served excellent coffee.

But, it was in the wrong location. Had it been located in North Laine, it would not be closing.

What kills many small business, is the greed of landlords, driving up rents to unaffordable levels. That too may have been a factor.

The loss is not only to Brighton of an excellent coffee shop, albeit in the wrong location, but also to the excellent staff who worked there. Unlike Costa or Starbucks, staff who knew and cared about coffee.

If a decision had been made to close, why not give the staff the option to take it over and run as a  cooperative?

Now, yet another empty vacant shop unit.


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4 Responses to “Taylor St Baristas Brighton closed”

  1. caroline elliott Says:

    so sorry to hear they’d shut, was hoping may have re-opened somewhere else…their coffee and food was superlative and the staff so enthusiastic:)

  2. keithpp Says:

    I agree, tragic that they closed, excellent staff and coffee.

    They were in the wrong location.

    They could and should have relocated to North Laine.

    They should have handed to the staff to run as an open coop.

  3. Eduardo Florez (@Ed__Florez) Says:

    It would be interesting to find out the real reason for the closing down of this very good café. Now, they sold part of their busisness to Tesco and one of the Tolley brothers specializes in comercial property. Mmh, why did they closed it down?

  4. keithpp Says:

    More details would be welcome.

    The Brighton coffee shop closed because it was losing money (or maybe not making enough to satisfy Tolley greed).

    Tolley, Tolley and Tolley, may know something about coffee, they know nothing about running a business.

    With Harris + Hoole they got into bed with Tesco.

    A very foolish move.

    Tesco own 49% or did.

    Harris + Hoole has lost millions, and already several shops have been closed.

    Tolley, Tolley and Tolley, have since walked away (or were kicked out). Whether they sold their share and who to I do not know.

    Tesco are looking to sell everything that does not fit in with their core business.

    I am not aware of Tesco having any stake in Taylor St Baristas.

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