Sharm el-Sheikh luxury gulag for tourists

Russia crash site in Sinai

Russia crash site in Sinai

Surrounded by razor wire, Sharm el-Sheikh is little more than a gulag or prison camp for tourists.

The Foreign Office has been warning against all but essential travel to the area for some time. OK, the gulag of Sharm el-Sheikh was not included within this advice, but on the map, a tiny speck in an area otherwise advised as not safe. Look again on the map, and check where Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Syria are. Remind yourself of the western tourists gunned down in Tunisia. Then ask yourself, is  Sharm el-Sheikh safe?

Security at the airport is lax to the point of non-existent.

Eye witnesses have spoken of bored, inattentive officials, of playing games on their mobile phones when supposedly doing security checks, of corrupt officials being bribed to fast track through security with no checks, of no checks for passengers carrying liquids.

Last week, a Russian airliner crashed, killing all those on board. We cannot know for certain the cause, pending a thorough investigation, but a US spy satellite saw a bright flash indicative of an explosion, the crash was indicative of an explosion, and British Intelligence report a bomb on board and US Intelligence has reported ISIS celebrating their downing of the plane.

UK has grounded all flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, leaving 20,000 tourists stranded. UK tour companies have suspended all holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh until further notice.

Today, 29 flights to Sharm el-Sheikh to pick up stranded British tourist. Egyptians only allowed six planes to land.  EasyJet had eight planes, only two allowed to land.

Those passengers who are allowed to travel, will only be able to carry hand luggage on board the plane. Their main luggage will not be allowed on board the plane in the hold will have to left behind.

Fascist military dictator President al-Sisi

Fascist military dictator President al-Sisi

Fascist military dictator President al-Sisi is a counter-terrorism embarrassment. A repressive regime, many Egyptians executed, many more in prison, journalists who report, are imprisoned, even those working for foreign media.

The repressive regime of al-Sisi, is creating the conditions which foster terrorism.

The lax security apart, it would not be difficult for ISIS to gain access to the airport, to plant bombs on board a plane.

Other European countries have followed UK lead and suspended flights. Russia has also now followed UK, and suspended flights.

Rusia last month started bombing Syria. Indiscriminate bombing of Syria many civilians casualties. This plays into the hands of ISIS.

The decadence of Sharm el-Sheikh is an affront to Islamic extremists.

For Egyptians, Egypt has been turned into one large prison camp under the repressive regime of al-Sisi.

During a visit to London, al-Sisi was dogged by demonstrations against his repressive regime. He was humiliated when during his visit, UK suspended all flights to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Anyone thinking of going to Egypt should think again. You are supporting directly and indirectly the repressive regime of al-Sisi.

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  1. keithpp Says:

    ISIS declares war on France

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