Library of Hadrian

Library of Hadrian

Library of Hadrian

Roman Emperor Hadrian is probably best known for Hadrian’s Wall, the wall he built or had built across northern England to separate Romans from Barbarians.

The Library was built by Emperor Hadrian 132-134 AD. It follows that of the classic Roman Forum architectural style.

The books (rolls of papyrus) were housed on the eastern side,  adjoining halls were reading rooms and the corners were lecture halls (auditoria).

The Library of Hadrian was more than a library, it was for Athens a cultural centre, that contained a garden, works of art, a library, and lecture halls.

Library of Hadrian is located near the Ancient Agora of Athens, on the north side of The Acropolis.

Outside the Temple of Zeus can be found Hadrian’s Gate.

Running through the Ancient Agora of Athens is Hadrian’s Aqueduct, a water channel.

Hadrian was an admirer of Athens, and sought to make it the cultural capital of the Roman Empire.

Hadrian constructed a library in Athens, in Lincolnshire, the Philistine leader of Lincolnshire County Council Martin Hill, is destroying thirty out of forty-five libraries. The irony, Lincoln derives its name from the Roman city of Lindum Colonia.


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