Weekend rail works

notice of rail works no amended timetable

notice of rail works no amended timetable

For at least ten years, weekend railworks on the line Reading-Guildford-Gatwick and Gatwick-Brighton. One or the other, if very unlucky, both.

The first Sunday in November, first day of the month, it was the turn of Reading-Guildford, but also effected was Guildford-Aldershot.

Dysfunctional First Great Western, who do not give a damn about their passengers, no information at effected stations, other than a poster stating weekend railworks. No amended timetable.

A replacement bus, leaving twenty minutes earlier than  train would have departed.

No one at the station, no bus.

 no information of rail works on platform display

no information of rail works on platform display

I wandered onto the platform. No information on the display, other than a non-stopping train passing through.

One girl on the platform. I told her no train, a bus, running twenty minutes earlier. She did not know. Had I not told her, she would have been waiting for a non-existent train. It was lucky for her she was early for the train.

At Guildford, bus arrived early. Had it arrived at its scheduled time, there would have been barely sufficient time to buy a ticket and catch the waiting train.

Passengers treated as criminals.

Passenger coming in by replacement bus, should be allowed to walk through and board the train, and buy their ticket on the train.

On the train, a couple who had missed the train, or at least the replacement bus. They had arrived at the station, no information. They were now running an hour late, less than an hour to catch a BA flight to the US.

Return journey only marginally better.

Chaos at Guildford Station.

There should have been people at the station exit directing people to buses. There was not.

Half a dozen buses.

I asked. I was directed to a bus further down the line. No, I needed to catch the bus in the opposite direction.

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