Sunday in Brighton

enjoying the sun

enjoying the sun

Jack and Linda Mills Fish Smokers

Jack and Linda Mills Fish Smokers

Brighton beach

Brighton beach

First of November, first Sunday of November, All Saints’ Day.

Weekend rail works, Reading-Guildford-Gatwick, replacement bus service, no information at effected stations, no published amended timetable.

Very misty.

Guildford onwards, sun broke through, clear blue sky, and yet still very misty.

Redhill onwards, thick cloud.

South Downs onwards, sunny.

As a sunny day in Brighton, I decided to walk down to the seafront, then back up to North Laine.

tomato soup

tomato soup

lunch at Iydea

lunch at Iydea

It meant, the sun had gone from outside Iydea, but still warm enough to sit outside. Lunch not as good as last week, though excellent tomato soup. I have never noticed soup before. Maybe only winter.

My only gripe with Iydea, not pleasant to sit inside, awful music pounding out.

mouthwatering cakes

mouthwatering cakes



A coffee at Pelicano Coffee and Tea House. It was ok, though by no means one of the best.

Resident has expanded, now double its previous size. It is good to see an indie record shop doing well, but then Resident is one of the best in the country. I never understood why the passing of HMV was mourned, as it was a terrible record shop, and its demise, gave a breathing space for indie record shops like Resident.

On a whim, I buy Divers by Joanna Newsom.

Catch Infinity Foods before they close at five.

Walk down to the sea front, but sun has long gone, as have all the people.

Fog is rolling in off the sea.

No time to walk along the pier.

Missed the 1814 train, catch the 1835 to Gatwick.

Chaos at Guildford. Half a dozen coaches, no one directing to which coach.


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