Millionaires support cuts to tax credits

Need Tax Credits to live?

Need Tax Credits to live?

Earlier in the week, we saw the crude attempt by David Cameron and George Osborne to bully the House of Lords to support their crass policy of withdrawing tax credits from the poorest workers, a lifeline if you are on poverty wages, badly backfire when the House of Lords voted no. We then had the unedifying spectacle of George Osborne throw his rattle out of the pram.

Of those who supported the proposals, eleven were millionaires.

The worst example was Andrew Lloyd-Webber. What sort of person flies all the way from New York, to vote to withdraw money from the poorest people?

Please boycott those companies who are linked to these millionaires.

No surprise that these are companies which pay poverty wages, dodge tax, and in the case of HSBC was money laundering for terrorists and Mexican drug cartels.

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