Gypsy street musicans

gypsy street musician

gypsy street musician

gypsy street musician

gypsy street musician

Gypsy street musicians, playing in the pedestrianised street that runs past The Acropolis Museum.

One less than previous day, as one got beaten by another kid, his musical instrument smashed over his head and his money stolen.

Rival gangs?


Seemingly not.

Various scams.

Would you like a rose? Most insistent, will not take no for an answer. Then if you do take. Two euros. One euro. Then snatched back. A rose broken off, put in top pocket then taken back. Pickpockets?

Talking to the police.

A map spread out on a table where tourists are eating at a restaurant. Please, where is …? Mobile phone, wallet, beneath the map vanish. Kid gets grabbed, but has already passed to another kid who has long gone.


Everyone calls them gypsies.

They are dropped off around Athens.

Raises question to people traffickers. Someone is exploiting these kids.

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