Sunday in Brighton

Brighton Station

Brighton Station

lunch at Iydea

lunch at Iydea

North Laine

North Laine



Nightmare train journey down to Brighton, thanks to dreaded rail works.

Popped in Grocer and Grain. As usual impressive.

North Laine.

I was going to eat at Iydea, but did not like what was on offer.

Tried Infinity Kitchen. Even less appealing.

I tried the soup.

Back to Iydea.

Quiche with roast potatoes, peas and a couple of toppings. Sounds a bizarre choice, but it works.

Excellent quiche, as was the peas and roast potatoes

I thought maybe a cookie and cappuccino at Taylor St Baristas, but never made it.

Down to the sea front.

A pity not earlier, as probably would have been warm and sunny.

Crab sandwich from …

Cockle man said it had been very busy from the moment he opened at ten o’clock.

Fantastic sunset. Then after the sun set, I have never seen such a large area of the sky lit up.

A walk along the pier then time to set off for the station.

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