Tax credits a bad policy

Tax credits do not subsidise workers they subsidise bad employers. If their business model relies on paying poverty wages then they should be driven out of business.

We eliminate tax credits, by paying higher wages, by creating high paid, skilled jobs.

We eliminate tax credits by, as outlined by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, using a People’s Quantitative Easing to create the cool breeze of green technology, by financing apps that create a sharing, collaborative economy, not the failed Quantitative Easing of the Tories, a mechanism to transfer more wealth to the rich, and in doing so, create piles of dead money.

The policy of the corrupt elite is to drive down wages to that of China and India.

The Tories want to cut tax credits by £4.2 billion. That is £4.2 billion taken out of the pockets of the working poor.

It was not the poor who caused the financial crash of 2008, it was the greedy bankers, greedy bankers who finance the Tory Party, but it is the poor, who can least afford it, who are being forced to pay the price.

Liar David Cameron said before the last election, they would not cut tax credits.

Bully-boy David Cameron is intimidating the House of Lords not to vote against tax credits. Even threatening to swamp the Lords with yet more of his cronies.

Apart from waging Class Warfare, why are the Tories so eager to cut tax credits? Simple, more money available, £4.2 billion, to cut taxes for the rich and corporation tax.

It is nonsense to suggest a constitutional crisis is pending, for the simple reason we lack a constitution.

Equally to claim support of the House of Commons. It is not support when you have to force MPs to vote with you. Neither can it be claimed support in the country. Tories had minority electoral support, and with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Opposition Leader, what little support there is is draining away by the day.

If the only role of the Lords is to rubber-stamp what is sent from the Commons, then what role the Lords? This would be yet further grounds for abolition.

The House of Lords must listen to what the people are saying, look at the impact on the lives of the poorest, not jump to diktat from the Tory government.

When those demands land on the doorstep, remember who cut your tax credits.

Please sign the petition calling upon the House of Lords to veto cuts to tax credits.

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4 Responses to “Tax credits a bad policy”

  1. keithpp Says:

    This evening, despite the threats from David Cameron and George Osborne, the Tory tax credit proposals were defeated in the House of Lords.

    A quick explanation re: the fatal motion, via Think Left:

    “…it was Labour’s amendment which was voted through. Realistic, yet does the job. The party didn’t go for the Fatal Motion because they knew it wouldn’t go through but have still managed to stop the Statutory Instrument on Tax Credits from passing.

    The Liberal Democrats on the other hand, decided to go for show rather than substance and reality. Reflecting on it, their Fatal Motion was only put on the floor to make them look good.”

  2. keithpp Says:

    Sour grapes from George Osborne, He cannot bear to miss an opportunity to soak the poor.

  3. keithpp Says:

  4. keithpp Says:


    Greedy millionaires are jetted in to support George Osborne to soak the poor.

    Could not make it up if you tried.

    It raises huge questions as to the humanity of these people.

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