Dinner at Restaurant Plaka



souvlaki served with salad and chips

souvlaki served with salad and chips

I would not normally return to the same place. I had intended to walk further afield, but I had been out all day.

Vegetable soup excellent, served piping hot.

I queried lack of salad with pork souvlaki yesterday. Today came with salad.

As last night, musicians terrible early on, then improve.

I raised this with them. They agreed I was correct.

I suggested they recorded the good stuff and release on bandcamp.

I was treated differently to the previous night. Then someone off the street, tonight a welcome regular.

Restaurant Plaka is a basic taverna, serving reasonable quality food. It is therefore surprising the bad reviews on TripAdvisor, which is becoming less and less reliable.

Yes, you can find better, for example Strofi, but you can also find far, far worse.

I had hoped ice cream as last night. Coco’s ice cream was closed, had closed early. Ice cream from the ice cream parlour opposite, was nowhere as good.

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One Response to “Dinner at Restaurant Plaka”

  1. keithpp Says:

    I popped back next day for lunch, a small plate of chips was all I required.

    Chips were brought and bread in a basket.

    it’s on the house.

    I assumed the bread.

    Did I wish a drink? Yes, water please. No, a beer.

    A bottle of beer was brought.

    When I asked for the bill, I was told only pay for the beer, the rest was on the house.

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