The Acropolis

Most of the day at The Acropolis, but first The Acropolis Museum to look at models as to how The Acropolis deveoped over time.

Within the museum an interesting animation of how the stones were cut, transported and hauled into postion.

Before climbing up to The Acropolis, an exploration of the south slope.

Here a natural ampitheatre, Theatre of Dionysos.

Under the Ancient Greeks, theatre, democracy. In England neither, austerity used as an excuse for shock doctrine, cuts to the arts, mass closure of public libraries. And as for democracy,  try telling that to Greeks of today, under occupation by the Fourth Reich.

Much recontruction is taking place.

From The Acropolis, stunning views over Athens.

Entry fee 12 euros. Bets by access ticket for al sites, 12 euros, but only valid for four days.

Next year entry will be 20 euros. Blame the Fourth Reich.

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