Dinner at Strofi



view of The Acropolis from rooftop restuarant

view of The Acropolis from rooftop restuarant

Strofi is located a couple of blocks away from  The Acropolis Museum.

From Akropoli, walk past Acropolis Museum, take last street going down, and should find on the corner.

I was told the roof was full, and guided to a room on the first floor, but barely had sat down, than was taken upstairs.

There were a couple tables free near the outer wall. Could I go there? No, reserved.

It was very noisy. I wished to get as far way from the noise as to enjoy the view.

Strofi is overlooked by The Acropolis.

Skewered pork, with a little bit of pepper was excellent, quality pork, succulent and tasty. A pleasant contrast to  the disgusting meat served up by  Liopetro a few days ago.

For dessert baclava.

Service was not good. Having asked for a table by the wall, and been told no, reserved, annoyed to see a couple offered a table by the wall. Long wait for dessert. I went and asked. Long wait for the bill. I had to ask.

Excellent food, albeit pricey, and the service not good. Excellent view of The Acropolis from rooftop restaurant.


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