Conversation with a duck

conversation with a duck

conversation with a duck

Wandering through the National Garden, I came across a man and woman dragging suitcases along, only the woman was dragging hers across through the trees over rough ground, rather than along the path. Very strange.

I then encountered a woman and a duck in the trees. The duck was rooting around in muddy water. I asked. Looking for worms. We sat and chatted. The duck then came over and had a chat, only I do not speak duck. Whilst we were talking, a tortoise walked by in front of us.

a tortoise walks by

a tortoise walks by

It was then decided to take the duck for a walk. Another tortoise walked past us.

Very Alice in Wonderland.

The duck lives in an apartment, travels to the National Garden in a bag on the Metro.

We said goodbye at the entrance to the Metro at Syntagma.

I wandered down Ermou in the hope of finding a cake shop I had found yesterday. Alas not. I did though have ten excellent roast chestnuts off a stall, my lunch.

At the entrance to Ermou, a homeless man lying in the street.

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