Dinner at Liopetro

I walked by Liopetro yesterday. It was empty.

The only reason I walked by, I saw the street I wished to be in, otherwise I would not have walked through this dark alley.

I walked by again this evening. Again empty. Hardly a good sign.

Nor a good sign, a man outside, who also doubled as waiter, trying to drag pople in.

I asked a few questions. The owner came out, demanded to know what I was wanting to know.

I returned later. Not much different. A few people outside, a couple inside smoking.

Prices over the top. 7 euros for a bowl of soup! What was it? Lobster. Maybe that justifies the high price.

Seven euros for a bowl of soup, and they had the gall to charge 1.5 euros for bread.

The soup came. It was luke warm vegetable soup. No sign of lobster. The closest it had been to lobster, the lobster had been dropped in, and jumped straight out. I asked was there lemon juice? A check with the chef, yes.

Two euros for water. Many places provide water free.

The main course was disgusting. Revolting processed meat, that made even McDonald’s look good.

Yesterday I had souvlaki in The Greco’s Project, a very trendy place. 1.7 euros, 2.8 euros with pitta bread and salad, the water free. The meat was not of the highest quality, but then the price was not high either, but compared with Liopetro, it was superior quality.

I did not even risk the sweet. On my way through Plaka, I had an ice cream.

It was easy to see why Liopetro was empty each time I passed. Why then did it have a Certificate of Excellence from Tripdvisor? It was down at something like No 500.

The reviews on TripAdvisor sent alarm bells ringing. All singng from the same hymn sheet, all saying the same thing, all praising Liopetro. Their comments bear no resemblance to reality.

Plaka area of Athens.


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