Athens Airport into centre of Athens via Metro

Last night, plane landed at 2100, a wait for luggage. When it came, mine was the first. Within a few minutes, everyone had picked up their luggage and gone. I assume most had hand luggage. No Metro until 2200. Every half an hour.

Few people waiting for the train, although by the time it departed, quite busy. More and more people got on at each station, eventually packed like a rush hour train.

I missed my stop, I stayed on two more stops to be sure, then had to come back. I then changed trains.

Two and  half hours from landing. It would have been cheaper and quicker using airport bus.

Metro 8 euros into Athens.

I was not sure where to go. I had no map, no street address. An old man offered to help me, then I recognised where I was and thanked him.

He asked would I like to go for a drink.  I said no, I was by now very tired. I felt a bit mean later, the least I could have done, bought him a drink for his help.


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