Boat trip on Napa King



Lovers Bridge

Lovers Bridge

Napa King II sails from Protaras Pier at eleven o’clock in the morning.

It sails to Famagusta, where on a clear day, a very good view of the ghost town of Famagusta, a ghost town since the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus.

The Sunrise is an excellent fictional account of Famagusta c 1974.

Napa King II then sails to Cape Greco, to vist the sea caves, drops anchor at Blue Lagoon for swimming off the boat.

Aphrodite sails in the afternoon, yellow submarine morning and afternoon (passengers permitting).

There are occasional evening sailings.

The boats need to be granted permission to collect passengers from Pernera.

Action needs to be taken against the pirate boat, which leaves the gate open at the end of the pier and ropes coiled on the pier. An accident waiting to happen.

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