Dinner at No 1

No 1

No 1

No soup. Restaurant far from busy, yet no soup.

No soup was a mixed blessing. As an alternative, crispy mushrooms, freshly cooked, nicely presented and excellent.

Crispy mushrooms proved to be the highlight of the meal.

Main course, pork chop, served with salad and chips. The pork chop was large and of poor quality.

Restaurant was not busy, the service was poor. Exception was the youngest waitress.

Had to ask for steak knives, for dessert menu, for bill.

Did not fancy anything off the dessert menu, walked instead to coffee bar patisserie amelie where had excellent ice cream, followed by a cappuccino.

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One Response to “Dinner at No 1”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Far better meal at Nicolas Tavern a few days later.


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