Where have all the tourists gone?

Protaras empty sun beds

Protaras empty sun beds

Protaras empty sun bedsMay, two years ago, from Protaras Pier, four boats sailed along the coast, morning and afternoon.

May, a year ago, boats sailed only in the morning.

May, this year, one boat sails in the morning, one in the afternoon.

September, little difference in the sailing of the boats, Napa King sails in the morning, Aphrodite in the afternoon, yellow submarine morning and afternoon (if passengers).

Sun beds on the beach empty.

Bars and restaurants empty.

Too few tourists? Tourists with little money? Wrong type of tourists?

Falling standards in hotels, take guests for granted, and they will not return. Tenerife learnt this the hard way.

Attract bad tourists and you will lose the good tourists.

If you want to destroy the local economy, then licence hotels for all-inclusive.

At the present rate of decline, if Cyprus does not address the problem, it will have no tourist industry.

All very much as predicted in a report last year, that if the problems were not addressed, the collapse of Cypriot tourist economy would accelerate.

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