The Leap

The Leap Manifesto launch

The Leap Manifesto launch

Canada used to have a reputation as a progressive, forward looking nation, a country that valued the natural environment and indigenous rights. It was a country where draft dodgers felt at home

Those days have long gone. It is run by a Fascist regime under Stephen Harper, it rides roughshod over nature and indigenous rights, it is a dirty polluter, it obstructs any attempt to reduce greenhouse emissions. Harper has been described as Richard Nixon without the charm.

The so-called Opposition are little better, reduced to arguing best pipeline routes for dirty tar sand oil.

Enough is enough. A group of environmentalists, human rights activists, musicians and artists, including Naomi Klein, Leonard Cohen, William Gibson and Neil Young, have launched The Leap Manifesto, and are calling upon all to sign.

What The Leap Manifesto calls for is a big leap from where we are now to where we wish to be in the future.

We cannot rely on politicians, they are puppets of bankers and big business, citizens have to launch their own initiatives.



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