Yanis Varoufakis on Jeremy Corbyn and capitalism

Speak from the heart, don’t spin, don’t be terrorised by the media. — Yanis Varoufakis

If God and His angles, were to come down and put together a reform package for Greece, the Troika would have turned it down.  — Yanis Varoufakis

The ruling class knows it [that austerity doesn’t work] and that by shrinking the state [through cuts in spending and labour] is a massive transfer of wealth and it makes sure that the costs of the financial crisis are transferred onto the shoulders of those who didn’t cause it.  — Yanis Varoufakis

Former Greek finance minster Yanis Varoufakis on Jeremy Corbyn, media, capitalism, Greece and the UN.

Since being elected as Labour Party leader with almost 60% of the vote and selecting his Shadow Cabinet, Jeremy Corbyn has been subjected to a negative onslaught by the mainstream, media, garbage newspapers such as Daily Mail (Lord Rothermere), The Sun (Murdoch Empire), Express (Dirty Des porn baron).

Labour MPs have behaved little better, each day guaranteed a platform by the media to put the boot in.  What Labour MPs forget to their peril, Jeremy Corbyn has massive public support they do not.

Your opponents, Diane, Jeremy, John, are going to use fear as their main instrument. They will say to you that a Corbyn government will push up the pound. This is what the systemic media will tell people in their living rooms.

Don’t fear them. People are perfectly capable of sifting through this. The people can overcome fear if the leadership overcomes fear.

During my time working in the eurozone I encountered combinations of irrationality and evil that it would be impossible to make up. These creditors were using this method of imposing debt on a country knowing that they would never get it back. Why?

It was a demonstration to show the Spanish people what will befall them if they vote in a government that doesn’t tow the line. It was brutal politics.

The Fourth Reich, aka European Union, via the European Central Bank, waged economic warfare against Greece, in a deliberate attempt to destroy Syriza, as they did not wish their challenge to austerity and neo-liberalism to spread.

Syriza put forward a sensible economic package on how to solve the crisis in Greece. It was not accepted because it was not about debt, it was about crushing Greece and setting an example to other countries who may be considering following the path laid out by Greece.

If the only role of Syriza is to act as a Vichy Regime and implement the policies of the Fourth Reich, then what point Syriza?

Afshin Rattansi demonstrating his appalling ignorance, and showing his true colours as a Kremlin puppet.

The shoddy standard of journalism from Afshin Rattansi is as bad as the hacks from The Sun and The Mail.

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