Forte Kitchen



Forte Kitchen

Forte Kitchen

Recently changed hands, possibly changed name too.

Up narrow steep stairs, a side street off the High Street, opposite the side entrance to WHSmith.

The floor has been gutted, exposing a Victorian fireplace, all painted a battleship charcoal grey

Lunch and afternoon teas.

Request for something to eat, a little after 3-30, told sorry no, finish at 3-30, only tea and cake.  And we are closing at four. Sign on the door says five.

One piece of cake in a cake stand.

I would normally have walked out, but Winchester is notorious for nowhere decent to eat and everywhere seems to close at three o’clock, plus it was cold and wet, I was cold and wet, and it was still raining.

Nothing special about the cake.

Newspapers to read: Times, Independent, Guardian, Mail and Sun. Newspapers could be left by customers. Any place that has The Sun is a must to avoid.

Wifi? Nothing to say, and I did not ask.

Staff pleasant.

Pricey. A bowl of soup £6. Not that I had any, as closed at 3-30.

I cannot see surviving for long. On the other hand, Winchester lacks places worth eating.

I recommend Jimmy Bean on a Wednesday when it is street food market. His coffee is the gold standard by which other lesser coffees are judged. Mozzarella cheese with tomato in bread hotted up in an oven is excellent. But it does of course require a pleasant day to sit outside. Not that he was there. Either he had not turned up, or gone home once the rain hit.


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