Afternoon in Winchester

Forte Kitchen

Forte Kitchen

Today was not a day for an afternoon in Winchester. Cold and wet.

Weather forecast was heavy rain, cool, all day. It started of fine, maybe it will not rain. As I set off the rain started.

Missed the train to Alton thanks to dysfunctional Stagecoach and failure of bus to turn up. This is third week in a row.

Bus journey to Winchester was horrendous. Torrential downpour all the way.

Usually I alight from the bus and walk down the hill into Winchester. Not today. I remained on the bus until the bus station.

The rain eased off on the approach into Winchester but still heavy rain.

Headed off to find Jimmy Bean.

No Jimmy Bean.

Either he had wisely not turned up, or had headed off home once the rain hit.

I cannot blame him, but meant no coffee beans for me.

A little after three o’clock, the market stalls packing up.

As no Jimmy Bean, I thought I would eat at Forte Kitchen. Not impressed. Sorry we stop serving food at 3-30, tea and cakes only. It was just gone 3-30. They were also closing at four. On the door it says five. As it was raining, I stayed and had tea and a cake. Nothing special. I cannot see them lasting long.

P&G Wells to collect Change Everything.

There was no point in hanging around, I was cold and wet.

Usually on this route, new double-deckers. No, a clapped-out double decker, no heating.

A lady struggled onto the bus, had to dismantle a buggy. Struggle back off, with my helping hand. I said complain to Stagecoach. She said she had not only complained, she had demanded a different bus. The driver also said he had requested a different bus.

I had considered eating at O’Connor’s Secret Garden. But I would have got wet walking through Alton, wet again walking to the station. It was to be the Station Cafe or catch the train. Bikers night. Only no bikers.

I read a little of Change Everything. It looks interesting.


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