Lunch at Cafe Mila

Lunch at Cafe Mila was sadly was not up to their usual high standard. Soup was excellent, but the chickpea curry was awful. The service was not too good either.

I usually sit downstairs, at a long wooden table, but it was too noisy, loud music, and three very noisy women who probably could be heard half way down the street, sat behind me. I decided to sit upstairs. Having placed my order and said where I was sitting, I let me know I was relocating upstairs.

leak and potato soup

leak and potato soup

Long time before my soup arrived. Full marks to the waitress, not a drop sloshed around the bowl.

The soup bowls have changed. They were shallow, now deep. Or maybe my imagination.

Leak and potato soup. It had no resemblance to any leak and potato soup I have ever tasted. That said, it was excellent, piping hot and generous portion size. Though at £6, pricey.

chickpea curry

chickpea curry

One of my favourite dishes from Curries from Home is chickpea curry. That was my main course. It was awful. The only time I have ever left a dish at Cafe Mila.

I have before had Thai green curry, and that was excellent.

The service was terrible. Long wait for my soup. An even longer wait for my curry, though when it was finally delivered, the girl did at least apologise.

Nor was it quiet upstairs. It was, but half way through my soup, the noisy women arrived joined by a fourth women. Ignorant, scant regard for others who were upstairs because it is the quiet area.

In the corner a lovely sculpture.

Later I decided to return for afternoon tea only annoyingly to find they had closed early. Not good, people will not bother late afternoon, if they risk finding closed, then in a downward spiral of closing earlier and earlier.

Cafe Mila have occasional special evenings. Why not invite Curries from Home for an Indian evening? At least it will be authentic India cuisine.



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