Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Along the River Wey, up through Gostrey Meadow into Downing Street, then into the churchyard.

As I walked in, a teddy bear on a parachute came floating down from the church tower. The only one I saw.

There did not seem to be many people or that many stalls.

The usual rubbish, though may have been better had I arrived earlier.

The book stall had a few good books. I picked up a copy of The Shack.

No food left at the barbecue. On a previous occasion, lots left.

Inside the church quiche and salad. Followed by cream tea. Though I was baffled why the jam and cream in little plastic pots. Appalling waste of money and bad for the environment.

I am no great fan of FairTrade, but shocked to see the coffee Nescafe.

Why does the church not invite the tea van I see in Gostrey Meadow (though not he last few weeks) and share the proceeds or charge a reasonable pitch fee? Similar with the ice cream, invite Dylan’s ice Cream.

rare Bible

rare Bible

The church has a very rare Bible, rarely seen. Today was one of those rare occasions.

Known as the Vinegar Bible, due to a misprint. The Parable of the Vineyard in the Gospel of Luke has become The Parable of the Vinegar.

I then realised four o’clock, I would be lucky to catch the butcher. Luckily I did. Sadly he has not ordered copies of Flatpack Democracy. Asked would I? I agreed yes.

I popped in the piano shop in Downing Street and let the lady know about the programme on BBC Radio 4 on Steinway (broadcast Thursday evening rebroadcast Sunday evening).

A walk around Bishop’s Meadow, into the field with the horses, then back via Manor Field.

A patch fenced off. No notice explaining why. It is vital Bishop’s Meadow Trust keep people informed, as that is how you continue with public support.

Waitrose fortunately not too busy.

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