Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn #JezWeDid

Jeremy Corbyn #JezWeDid

Labour Leadership votes

Labour Leadership votes

It became common to hear, among senior Labour figures anxious about the Greens and parties like Syriza or Podemos, the assurance: “Britain does not need a Syriza”. — Paul Mason

Against all the odds, Jeremy Corbyn has won an amazing victory with nearly 60% of the votes cast.

By mere coincidence, I happened to turn on the radio live from a special Labour Party conference as his vote was announced, Jeremy Corbyn 251,417 votes.

Shame on the BBC who then interpreted his victory speech with views of studio pundits.

Jeremy Corbyn started as 500-1 rank outsider, barely scraping sufficient support to get his name on the ballot paper, and only then within minutes of the deadline.

He has breathed a breath of fresh air into British politics. People were willing to support a man who was not part of a party machine, a man who understood their dissatisfaction with party politics, a man they felt they could trust, who inspired hope.

Labour stood at less than 200,000 members. During the campaign, Jeremy Corbyn has brought in over 400,000 members,  taking Labour Party membership to over 600,000.

If we look at those who paid their £3 supporter’s fee, over 80% voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

He spoke to packed and overflowing meetings across the country.

Jeremy Corbyn has given hope. People do not wish to see politics, business as usual. They do not want to see austerity. They do not want to see the poor penalised for the failing of an economic system not of their doing. People want to see a fairer and more equatable society.

People do not want to see establishment politicians, out to feather their own nest, there to act as puppets for bankers and big business.

To demonstrate, it was not and will not be business as usual, the first act of Jeremy Corbyn, was to address a rally for refugees in Parliament Square, one of many across Europe.

His first act as leader was to attend a “refugees welcome here” rally, joining tens of thousands of people marching through central London in support of the rights of refugees.

Addressing cheering crowds in Parliament Square, he delivered an impassioned plea to the government to recognise its legal obligations to refugees from Syria and elsewhere and to find “peaceful solutions to the world’s problems”.

“Open your your hearts. open your minds, open your attitude to suffering people, who are desperate and who are in need of somewhere safe to live,” added the new Labour leader.

Singer Billy Bragg then led the crowd in a rendition of socialist anthem The Red Flag.

Mr Corbyn earlier told supporters his first day at the helm of his party in Parliament would be spent opposing government plans to “shackle” trade unions by imposing higher thresholds for strike ballots.

BBC coverage, midday onward has been a disgrace, scraping the bottom of the barrel to find anyone who will say Labour unelectable, going backwards to the 1980s.

Jeremy Corbyn has put forward a forward looking, progressive agenda, that is why he has received such massive support

Prime Minister’s Question Time, is going to be radically different. No longer the infantile public school antics, it will be asking of intelligent questions.

There is much to be done.

Opposition to the Welfare Bill and attacks on Trade Unions.

Railways brought back into public ownership, some form of cooperative structure, not state capitalism run by bureaucrats. As each franchise comes up for renewal it will pass back to the state.

As with the railways, privatisation of electricity has been a big mistake. We need to create community owned and controlled local grids. Into which feed renewables guaranteed a fair price. Consumers would pay a fair price. Any surplus power generation would be fed to other local grids via a  publicly owned National Grid. Any surplus profit would be ploughed back into the local grid or be spent on local community projects. The Big Six would not be able to compete with local grids and would go out of business.

Syriza has already congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on his landslide win.

Those Labour MPs who are briefing publicly and privately against Jeremy Corbyn, do so at their own peril. They need to be reminded of the massive mandate Jeremy Corbyn has, with half a million having participated.

Tories claim Jeremy Corbyn a threat to national security.

There is an arms fair taking place in London. Who the threat to national security?

The monster Tony Blair created has finally be slain.

What the leadership election has shown over the last couple of months is how out of touch the Labour establishment, and Labour MPs.

Moving forward we need a Constitutional Convention, a meeting of like minded people, bringing together Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Lucas. Jeremy Corbyn has to reach out beyond the Labour party, which to his credit, is something he has always done.

We need reform at local level. parties should have no place in running Town Halls. We need to look to Frome, organise a Flatpack Democracy revolution, ordinary people hold public meetings choose candidates, seize control of Town Halls, people participate in the decision making, network the Town Halls, Parish Councils.

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