Afternoon in Guildford

Castle Grounds

Castle Grounds

Castle Grounds

Castle Grounds

Castle Grounds

Castle Grounds

Milmead Lock on the River Wey

Milmead Lock on the River Wey

narrow boat Promise II in Milmead Lock

narrow boat Promise II in Milmead Lock

Autumn is upon us, cold mornings, pleasant afternoons, cold evenings.

Two hours later than I would normally be in Guildford.

Cappuccino off FCB Artisan Coffee kiosk.

As I was walking up North Street, I remembered fruit and vegetable stall at the top on holiday this week.

Body lying in the street. No one knew what to do. Luckily paramedics arrived.

Food for Thought a death trap. Boxes littering the floor everywhere. Maybe they are waiting until someone trips, smashes their head against a shelf and sues. Heath and Safety Executive or the local council need to pay a visit.

Food for Thought are taking the piss out of their customers. Tiny pots of dessert, a couple of spoonfuls, at ludicrous expense.

Food for Thought charge for plastic bags. Why? I did not bother to ask. I went to the market, where free. But, if they had said they care about the environment, I would have taken to the shelf, pointed to a coconut, the shell hacked off, then shrink-wrapped in plastic. That is how much Food for Thought care abut the environment. Oh and two spoonfuls of a dessert in a tiny plastic pot.

Picked up Revolution, The Alchemist and Veronika  Decides to Die from Oxfam bookshop. Another shop trying it on, charging for plastic bag. No thanks, I will get one from the Thai takeaway.

Charging for plastic bags has nothing to do with the environment Everything to do with ripping off customers.

I save all my plastic bags. Some are used for putting rubbish in the bin. All the rest get taken to local charity shops and reused.

Yes, we should reduce our use of plastic, but we do that by replacement. Plastic forks, coffee cup lids, plastic bags, all can be replaced with plant-based cellulose which will compost. Coffee cups, disgusting  polystyrene burger-style boxes can be replaced by paper or card which will compost. Wooden instead of plastic spoons and  forks.

Looked in Oxfam shop. Mormon Sisters not there.

Late lunch from Thai takeaway. I picked stir fried pork and chicken. Two different dishes, a little of each. A mistake, as not very good. I should have stuck with the Thai green curry, which is excellent. Plastic fork, brittle, risk of breaking. Buy wood or cellulose, plant-based plastic, which will compost. But at least the pots are paper which will compost.

I ate in the Castle Grounds, but disturbed by yobs, when I had finished eating, I moved to a different location.

I caught a train with seconds to spare.


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