Who Is Worse For Britain – Blair Or Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn: Alice in Wonderland

Jeremy Corbyn: Alice in Wonderland

Jeremy Corbyn: Tony Blair on trial if there is the evidence

Jeremy Corbyn: Tony Blair on trial if there is the evidence

We have all seen them, lunatics on the street, lost souls, raving to no one in particular and the world at large. That is the image I have of Tony Blair. Maybe it is a rehearsal for when he is finally and long overdue put on trial for war crimes, he lacks the mental capacity to plead.

Why oh why does the mainstream media keep giving this war criminal a soap box? The latest being The Observer.

This is the third time in as many weeks, the mainstream media has granted Tony Blair a platform from which to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

There is a new phenomenon in politics or perhaps the revival of an old one. But whatever it is, it is powerful. Someone said to me the other day re Corbyn mania: “You just don’t get it.” I confess they’re right. I don’t get it, but I’m trying hard, and I read with care Rosie Fletcher’s passionate piece in praise of Jeremy Corbyn in last week’s Observer.

The Corbyn thing is part of a trend. So Donald Trump leads the field of Republican candidates with thousands at his meetings, despite remarks about women and Mexicans that you might think would be a disqualification in a nation where half the voters are women and Latinos, the fastest growing group of voters.

Bernie Sanders is wowing the Democrats on a platform that wouldn’t carry more than a handful of states. The SNP win a landslide in Scotland after the collapse of the oil price means that the course they advised the Scottish people to take last year would have landed the country in the economic trauma unit.

The former Greek prime minister led in the polls on a bailout programme significantly harsher than that of the government he put out of office precisely on the issue of the bailout. Marine Le Pen rides high in France advocating an extreme nationalism combined with a quasi-socialist economic policy, with small business appeal, when, let us say, the historical precedents for such a combination aren’t exactly comforting.

Blair still does not get it why Labour was wiped out in Scotland. The Indy Ref politicised the population, and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle.

It is not SNP that has caused the world oil price to drop. It is various factors, economic slowdown, Saudi Arabia flooding the market with oil to force the price down and bankrupt Russia.

Blair lacks any understanding of the situation in Greece. Syriza was swept to power in Greece with a mandate to oppose austerity, oppose the neo-liberal agenda. The Greek people gave a massive NO in the referendum, their proposals were radical, forward thinking, on how to reform Greece, put the country back on its feet, write off the debt, but, they were crushed by the EU which could not tolerate dissent.

Tony Blair rants Jeremy Corbyn is taking us into Alice in Wonderland. I quite like Alice in Wonderland.

But who is lost to the fairies, who fabricated a pack of lies to attack Iraq, who had a dodgy dossier, who told us that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction that could be launched within forty-five minutes?

Tony Blair epitomises the venal politician, his hands are dripping with the blood of the dictators he associates with. His legacy is the Middle East set on fire, the rise of ISIS, immigrants flooding onto the EU.

Members of the Labour Establishment, now resigned to a Jeremy Corbyn win, are saying they will give him 18 months, that his leadership will be on their terms. One of Liz Kendall’s backers speaking on the awful Westminster Hour talked of loyalty.

Who do these people think they are? Jeremy Corbyn has massive backing from the British public who see a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the political establishment. If sections of the Labour Establishment do not like, it, especially Labour MPs, they have a simple choice, accept the will of the people, or face de-selection.

Labour still have not got their collective head around why they were wiped out in the General Election in May.

Tweedledee v Tweedledum. No one could tell the difference. Either find something better to do than visit the Polling Station and legitimise a corrupt system, or of you want Tory then vote Tory.

Four Labour leadership contenders, Jeremy Corbyn offering real choice, speaking to packed meetings across the country, three who represent the Establishment businesses as usual, no one can tell them apart, their policy, we do not like Jeremy Corbyn.

We keep being told Jeremy Corby is unelectable, even though all the evidence is to the contrary.

The latest self-selecting readers poll in the Mirror puts Labour with Jeremy Corbyn to win the Election in 2020 at 81% yes and 19% no.

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