Afternoon in Guildford

Town Bridge over the River Wey

Town Bridge over the River Wey

Since Sunday, it has been heavy rain every day. Today dry, sunny and warm.

A cappuccino off FCB Artisan Coffee kiosk on Platform 2 at Guildford Station.

River Wey was higher than it has been.

A chat with the helpful girl in Waterstone’s. The book I am after, or maybe after, Change Everything, not in stock. An intelligent algorithm would see what is being asked for, not in stock, and place at least one copy in stock. I could order, if do not like, they will place on the shelves.

Today, market first. Then have to carry around, on the other hand, I do not miss the market at the end of the day. Market was quote busy.

Food for Thought, coconut, shell hacked off, then shrink-wrapped in plastic. This is obscene, and means coconut is six times the price of a coconut.

Tourist information now have an app, or at least there is an app, download and install and provides a guide to Guildford. Surprisingly no one knows anything about it.

My idea would be to record on location, could be music, spoken word, then upload to bandcamp. Can then have free downloads (limited to 200 a month) or pay-what-you-like, which if people do pay, more free downloads per month.

With a dedicated apps, could have images, video, as well as sound.

Posters outside Holy Trinity, concert tonight, only when I look at the date, concert is Saturday. Something amiss.

Not many people realise, Mormon Sisters. Work for 18 months. I was surprised to find in Oxfam. Usually they are on the  street. A very pleasant girl. Only one, they usually work in pairs, to ensure not led astray. The other one was in the back.

Last week, very enjoyable takeaway from the Thai takeaway S & M 2 Go at the top of the High Street (near Oxfam shop and Maplin). Excellent Thai green curry. I had the same today, which I took to the Castle Grounds to eat. Whilst the weather is pleasant, this  is where I will eat, or at least pick up to take elsewhere to eat. I also picked up Revolution which I left last week.

M&S to finish my shopping before it closed. Too late to catch a train, back to Castle Grounds and catch later train. Catch later train with seconds to spare.

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