Yvette Cooper: Hypocrisy and lack of vision

ToryLite - Ed Balls

ToryLite – Ed Balls

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday a hatchet job by Wato on Jeremy Corbyn, today on Wato softly softly with Yvette Cooper.

Yvette Cooper demonstrated she had a complete lack of vision. It was basically more of the same.

She proposed a few areas in which she would like to spend money, basically CorbynLite, but when asked where was the money coming from she did not know, but then went on to attack Quantitative Easing as proposed by Jeremy Corbyn.

She was opposed to the Tory cuts. Did she opposes the Tory Welfare Bill? Er, no.

Could she explain the widening gap between Labour MPs and the public, as has clearly been shown by the support for Jeremy Corbyn. No, she could not. Maybe, as caller suggested, we need to change the Labour MPs to be more representatives of the public.

She was concerned at people joining the Labour Party who did not share Labour Party values. What are these values?

Would she, if invited, join a Jeremy Corbyn team, or invite Jeremy Corbyn to join her team? An empathic no.

Basically it was more of the same tired old policies that lost Labour the last election and saw Labour wiped out in Scotland.

Like the rest of the Labour Party Establishment, she still does not get it why Labour lost the last election, and why Jeremy Corbyn is speaking to packed and overflowing meetings. A lack of understanding of economics, but then she is married to Ed Balls. Basically a lack of vision, her one policy, attack Jeremy Corbyn.

Yvette Copper abstained on the Tory Welfare Bill, which will take a further £12 billion from the poor.

Yvette Cooper voted against the Iraq War Inquiry.

Yvette Cooper supports a third runaway at Heathow.


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One Response to “Yvette Cooper: Hypocrisy and lack of vision”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Jeremy Corbyn supporters are being purged, on the other hand, is it OK for Yvette Coper to take £75,000 from a Tory Party donor? Or Liz Kendall funded by lobbyists?

    Peter Hearn who gave gave Yvette Cooper £75,000 to support her campaign for the Labour leadership is not any old Tory donor. He is a multi-millionaire accountant behind PSD Group, an executive recruitment firm specialising in high-level jobs in banking, finance, and other sectors.

    Activists, occupy, student leaders, are purged, a man linked to bankers, who is funding a leadership candidate, is ok.

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