Jeremy Corbyn and Mexican organic FairTrade coffee beans

Cafe Mam - coffee and acrylic on canvas -- Derek Hobbs

Cafe Mam – coffee and acrylic on canvas — Derek Hobbs

Just finished this one for a fair trade coffee company in Oregon. Cafe Mam was kind enough to supply me some fresh beans to paint with. Very impressed with the french roasts’ robust color and flavor. — Derek Hobbs

The corporate owned and controlled media has had a lot of free time on its hands of late, no need to attack Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party Establishment can be relied upon each day to wheel out yet another has-been politician to launch an attack on Jermy Corbyn. The latest to be given a soap box was clown Neil Kinnock.

The best the Daily Mail can do is call him a throwback Marxist,

Karl Marx tried to explain why we have cycles, boom and bust, commentated on the appalling social conditions at the time, as did Charles Dickens.

The only throwback, is what the Tories are doing, turning the clock back to Victorian working conditions.

On Sunday, the Mail on Sunday decided to smear Laura Alvarez, wife of Jeremy Corbyn.

Apparently she is selling at £10 per 500g bags coffee from exploited Mexican coffee workers. The beans FairTrade, organic.

Now one would assume she is directly exploiting these workers, but not so. They work in cooperatives, the beans are sold to a company in the US, from who she buys and distributes.

The coffee is certified FairTrade. If not FairTrade, as Mail on Sunday claims, then surely the people to take it up with are FairTrade if they are incorrectly certifying, and the company in Oregon that  imports the coffee beans from Chiapas, an autonomous region of Mexico.

Café Mam beans are Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.

Royal Blue Organics (RBO) is a family-owned and operated business located in Eugene, Oregon. RBO started as an organic blueberry farm called Royal Blueberries, which grows  blueberries that are sold and consumed locally. RBO expanded and blossomed into the coffee business of Café Mam. RBO seeks to encourage indigenous farmers to better their social and physical environment by paying a fair trade or better rate for a high-quality product, to offer this high-quality product to consumers across the globe for a reasonable price, and to provide a right livelihood to the wonderful folks who work here.

Royal Blue Organics donates two percent of Café Mam sales (over $700 thousand donated since  inception) to nonprofit organizations dedicated to organic, social justice, and environmental causes.

When you dig, the story has all the hallmarks of a non-story. For the perceptive reader, it will sound strangely familiar. Substitute t-shirts for beans, Russell Brand for Laura Alvarez, and we have the same story.

Has the Mail found a new found concern for the rights of exploited workers?


6 Responses to “Jeremy Corbyn and Mexican organic FairTrade coffee beans”

  1. Brian Sallows Says:

    You may well be right. I tried to see if some beans could be bought but, all I found was that Mrs Corbyn had only formed the company just over two years ago. It seems to be a one-woman outfit, which doesn’t make any money.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I have talked to people in ther coffee business.

    No one has ever heard of this company or these coffee beans.

  3. Brian Sallows Says:

    I doubt whether this venture will make any money.
    Ms Alvarez would be better to source some beans directly from Mexico under the name Alvarez Organic Coffee. I can not find any web-site selling her beans.
    Of course That might well reflect on my incompetence.

    At the moment, because Mr Corbyn has an increased income as Leader of the Opposition, Mrs Corbyn would be better employed in taking him to a tailor for a couple of suits , and some decent shirts.
    If he doesn’t want to wear a tie, why not buy a dozen day cravats from, in Wales, where they are hand-made. He could point them out , in interviews, as made in the UK.

    • Helen Hughes Says:

      Clothes do not maketh the man – Boris Johnson can wear a suit from Harrods albeit very badly ,shirt hanging out on more occasions than not , so I really do not see the relevance in what clothes he wears attributing to his policies or manifesto ? He’s a good man who actually cares for others , I don’t understand why people are obsessed with his attire ,could you clarify how changing his clothes would alter anything about the policies or manifesto .

  4. nearlydead Says:

    Reblogged this on nearlydead.

  5. Dia Says:

    We need more articles like this to shed some light on the media’s attacks on Corbyn.

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