Gordon Brown attacks Jeremy Corbyn for lack of credibility

Don't Vote Corbyn It Could Lead to Chaos

Don’t Vote Corbyn It Could Lead to Chaos

 growth and higher wages

growth and higher wages

 Ealing Town Hall packed ...

Ealing Town Hall packed …

Jeremy Corbyn addressing second meeting outside Ealing Town Hall

Jeremy Corbyn addressing second meeting outside Ealing Town Hall

Yesterday Gordon Brown launched an attack on on Jeremy Corbyn, that he lacks credibility, that he has no credible economic policies, that we need radical and green policies, and for good measure he has talked to Hamas.

You could not make it up if you tried. Why did Labour lose the last election? They lacked economic credibility. And who was Chancellor of the Exchequer, then Prime Minister, who led Labour to defeat in 2010? Er, Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown sold off our gold reserves. He dumped so much gold on the world market, he caused the gold market to collapse and as a consequence, inflicted serious economic damage on South Africa.

Instead of as was needed, pumping money into the economy, Gordon Brown offloaded his responsibility to householders, dramatically increasing household debt.

Gordon Brown massively expanded PFI and PPP, meaning we are paying for infrastructure eg schools and hospitals many times over well into the future,

Gordon Brown failed to regulate the banks, got too cosy with the City of London.

It was Gordon Brown who started the attacks and demonising of the unemployed.

Gordon Brown would not know radical or green, if it jumped up and hit him in the face.

Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. We do not resolve conflict in the Middle East unless we talk to people. Canon Andrew White talked to the leader and co-founder of Hamas, encouraged him to talk to a Chief rabbi. Tentative steps on the road to peace. Contrast with Tony Blair, who abused his role as Middle East Peace Envoy to line his own pocket, leading to several diplomats to call for him to be removed from the role.

Today, it was the turn of David Miliband to attack Jeremy Corbyn.  He then backed Liz Kendall.

Peter Mandelson has thrown his rattle out of his pram in a tantrum. He tried to get the other three candidates  to drop out, then have the election declared null and void. The three deny all knowledge of the plot.

Yvette Copper has attacked Andy Burnham for recognising Jeremy Corbyn has livened the debate.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn packs the meetings and focusses on radical policies.

The scale of the desperation and paranoia is mind boggling.

The opponents of Jeremy Corbyn just do not get it. People are sick of a political elite acting for bankers and big business dictating to them. We do not need tired old has-been politicians from the past telling us how to vote.

For once, we have a someone who is not part of the political elite, someone of integrity, someone who understands the issues, who does not need spin doctors and advisers.

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