Jeremy Corbyn lacks credibility?

I think it shows that what he says resonates with a lot of ordinary people, above all, life-long Labour supporters. — Diane Abbott

Only one candidate has any credibility, Jeremy Corbyn, the other three are party apparatchiks.

We need change, and Jeremy Corbyn is the man for that change.

Labour Party are so out of touch, no wonder they lost the last election.

We are told anyone who follows Jeremy Corbyn must be suffering from some form of madness, that his economics lack credibility, that he is unelectable, and so the list goes on and on and on.

Peter Kyle Labour MP for Hove launched a blistering attack on Jeremy Corbyn in the Brighton Argus (and in doing so has had people calling for his deselection):

HOVE MP Peter Kyle has said that having Jeremy Corbyn as his new boss would be an “electoral disaster” for the Labour party.

Mr Kyle said Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn was failing to “electrify” any voter outside the Labour party membership and would lead the party to an even heavier defeat than in May.

Mr Kyle said: “What Jeremy is doing is electrifying one part of the Labour party.

“But what Jeremy is not doing, he is not electrifying any part of electorate beyond the membership of the party and that was the key of my campaign in Hove.

“What Jeremy is doing is using the public platform to talk about issues that he has championed for 40 years, to me that is the same mistake that Ed Miliband made.

In four years, Ed Miliband could not make a dent in either party membership or lead in opinion polls. In a few months, Jeremy Corbyn has increased party membership from around 200,000 to over 600,000.

Jeremy Corbyn is packing them in in meetings across the country.

YouGov has revised their polling results of a few days ago, and given Jeremy Corbyn and even greater lead in the Labour leadership election, giving him an outright win with 57% of the vote.

A YouGov poll of London published in the Evening Standard on Friday gives Jeremy Corbyn a clear favourite for Londoners. He exceeds Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnahm combined. Moreover, he is more popular with the better-off ABC1 social classes, among both younger and older people, and those who voted Ukip or Liberal Democrat at the general election.

  • Jeremy Corbyn ===> 46%
  • Andy Burnham ===> 21%
  • Yvette Cooper ===> 20%
  • Liz Kendall ===> 12%

Liz Kendall is backed by Blair lobbyists and Peter Kyle.

Austerity has not worked.

Privatisation of the utilities, eg water, gas and electricity, has not worked.

Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham or Liz Kendall cannot win for Labour simply because they are party apparatchiks offering nothing new. Used car salesman with the same pitch. People are tired of these two-faced hypocrites with nothing to offer

People yearn for change, that is why they are supporting Jeremy Corbyn

The only place Jeremy Corbyn lacks support is with Labour MPs and the Party Establishment.

Evening Standard reported spiv Chuka Umunna forming a Resistance. It would be laughable if it was not so pathetic.

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