Afternoon in Farnham

riverside walk

riverside walk

Gostrey Meadow

Gostrey Meadow

Walking along the riverside walk and up through Gostrey Meadow to Downing Street, I was very surprised to find activity in Gostrey Meadow, though as I walked through it was already packing up, more vehicles than people.

What, I do not know. I suspect VJ Celebrations, as men in WWII Far East Army uniform and mention of WWII on the bandstand, but no time to dally, as I was on my way to the butcher, which I feared would be closed.

I was late as I had dallied in Aldershot for Celebrating Aldershot. I mentioned Celebrating Aldershot to a few people. They started laughing.

I was lucky to find the butcher open, everything already packed away.

A visit to the greengrocer, then back to Gostrey Meadow. Now almost everything packed away.

But why pack up so early when a lovely day? And why no publicity? Shops in Downing Street said they wondered what was happening when they saw an increase in passers by.

I had a chat with the girl doing the teas. She remembered me from before, and said she had taken my advice and was now grinding the beans afresh for each coffee.

A walk around Manor Field, but by now too late to walk all the way around Bishop’s Meadow.

I was surprised to find Waitrose yet again with hot air blasting down as enter the store, as I reported to the manager last week. Again the store very cold, air conditioning set too low, which probably then triggers the heating. I let the staff know, who were blissfully unaware of the problem.

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