Wet afternoon in Guildford

Raining all afternoon, though not the torrential downpour and thunderstorms of lunchtime yesterday.

River Wey running higher than it has been all summer.

I looked in YMCA. They have made a pig’s ear of their dining arrangments. Instead of tables and chairs, long wooden tables, long wooden benches. No one eating. I took one look at the food. It looked disgusting, as though sitting there all day, and probably had been. And not cheap.

Food all gone in Debenham’s. Well not quite, cottage pie, and allegedly fresh battered cod. Sitting there all lunchtime is not my idea of fresh, either for the battered cod or the chips.

One of those rare occasions when St Mary’s Church open.

Oxfam Guildford must be in crisis. On my last visit to Guildford, the Oxfam bookshop was closed due to staff shortages (even though the Oxfam shop opposite seemed to have more staff than they knew what to do with). Today the Oxfam shop in Quarry Street was closed due to staff shortages.

I looked in Phyllis Tuckwell, but walked straight out, awful music playing. They must like emtying the shop. I have raised it with the ignorant manager in the past, but would get more civility out of a brick wall, in her words ‘she likes it’.

I was shocked what I overheard as I walked out. Manager was hassling a customer who was making a purchase to make a donation. Have charities learnt nothing from the recent scandals of harassing people for money, including driving an old lady to her death? Not something I have come across before. I was tempted to say something to the ignorant manager, but I would have been wasting my breath.

Wander up North Street. Market stalls were not having a good day due to the rain.

Lunch in Thai restaurant. Food was good, but boss away and when the boss away, service terrible. And if that not bad enough, mopping the floor with overpowering disinfectant.

Visit to the library. I wanted to download Malware Bytes, a scanning programme which the good folk at TechStart told me picks up problems which antivirus does not. I scanned with McAfee antivirus prior to transferring to Google Nexus &, which is useful for file storage.

Surrey is going to make people with bus passes pay for park and ride. This is a disgrace. People will either stay at home, or drive into Guildford, congestion, pollution, full car parks. They must though be having second thoughts, a booklet within which a questionnaire. What the hell has ethnicity got to do with it? I filled out, handed to library staff. No you have to drop in the post.

Only last May, with their snouts firmly stuck in the trough, Surrey County Councillors increased their allowances  by a whopping 60%..

Interesting concept in Guildford Library, Digital Friday, ast Friday of the month. Different aspects of the digital economy explored, for example e-publishing.

I had a chat with one of the librarians, and gave a few ideas to follow up in the areas of e-publishing, blogs, digital music, use of social media.

I was asked would I like to give a few presentations. I said not. But thinking that was a bit mean, I will next time say yes.

Outside I bump into a friend, we go to Harris + Hoole for a coffee and a chat.

Harris + Hoole relegated to second place, as top spot for coffee now occupied by FCB Artisan Coffee kiosk on Platform 2 of Guildford Station.

The future of Harris + Hoole is now in serious doubt. Massive trading losses, already six coffee shops closed, the founders the Tolleys have pulled out, director at Tesco responsible fired. Staff have been invited to a birthday bash in London, all coffee shops will close early. Is this to tell them the bad news?

Harris + Hoole is good for coffee, iced tea, cookies, but not food. I came away with sausage roll and a feta wrap to eat later. Both were disgusting and I threw away. The yoghurt was ok, but overpriced and over-packaged.

Harris + Hoole need to stick to coffee, tea, cakes and cookies.

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One Response to “Wet afternoon in Guildford”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    Save your money. Malware Bytes slows down your PC. £20 wasted.

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