Yvette Cooper attack on Jeremy Corbyn demonstrates her ignorance of economics

Yvette Cooper putting her head above the parapet to basically say Corbyn is old fashioned and I’m a woman so elect me…….thanks for that! — Mark Fitchett

In attacking the economic policies of Jeremy Corbyn, all Yvette Cooper has done is demonstrate her appalling ignorance of economics and why she is not a fit person to lead the Labour Party.

And to plead, elect me because I am a women, is to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Neo-liberal agenda has failed. It may look fine from a glass tower in Canary Wharf, look to the banks of the Dnistr on the fringes of Empire, where the locals are scraping a living on less than $5 a day.

Austerity is a failure. It transfers money from the poor the the rich. We only have to look to Greece to see the failure of austerity.

Every leading economist has said austerity is not working.

Markets are supposed to self-correct. They do not, as we saw with the banking crisis of 2008.

Quantitative Easing injected £375 billion into the economy. It went into the pockets of bankers and the rich.

We need in the long term to get down the deficit. We do not do it by screwing the poor.

Yvette Copper says Jeremy Corbyn lacks credibility. No, it is Yvette Cooper who lacks credibility.

Yvette Copper says Jeremy Corbyn wants to move backward, ‘old solutions to old problems’. Far from it, Jeremy Corbyn is moving forward with a progressive radical green agenda. He wants to expand renewables, he wants to see participatory democracy, he wishes to see monopolies like rail and electricity brought back into public ownership, he sees a role for open co-ops, collaborative commons.

I find everywhere I go, there is excitement at the thought of a win by Jeremy Corbyn.
People who have no interest in politics, people who have always voted Tory are supporting Jeremy Corbyn.
The middle classes see their kids saddled with huge debts, with dire job prospectives.
People know the existing system is not working.
People look at Tory and Labour, Tweedledee v Tweedledum, they cannot see the difference. They think why vote, all it does is legitimise a corrupt system. If they want Tory, they vote Tory. Or those that voted Labour in May, did so with a peg over their nose, the lesser of two evils.
Every time I hear Labour Establishment attack Jeremy Corbyn, all it does is reinforce they have not a clue why they lost the last election, and that we need to see a wholesale clear out of these people.
People are sick of party apparatchiks, puppets of big business.
80% are opposed to corporate greed.
I am looking forward to Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minster’s Questions. It will be intelligent questioning, not infantile public school point scoring.
People are not interested in parties. What they are interested is issues.
People are not interested in the Labour Party, they are interested in seeing Jeremy Corbyn elected as leader.
Meetings across the country are not being organised by local Labour Parties. They are being organised by young people with no party affiliation, who want to hear what Jeremy Corbyn has to say.

Yvette Copper abstained on the Tory Welfare Bill, which will take a further £12 billion from the poor.

Yvette Cooper voted against the Iraq War Inquiry.

Yvette Cooper supports a third runaway at Heathow.

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  1. keithpp Says:

    Jeremy Corbyn: What’s his economic plan?

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