Who are the Labour party infiltrators who back Jeremy Corbyn?

Labour Party list of members barred from voting

Labour Party list of members barred from voting

Every time the discredited former Labour Leader Tony Blair says ‘Don’t Vote Corbyn’ an Angel gets its wings and 50 more Labour members get the confirmation they needed to vote Corbyn. — Will Howley

Jeremy has many years of campaigning for fairness, justice, decency and compassion. He has integrity. And he has popularity. The others do not. The Labour Party will win hearts, minds, members, supporters and votes with Jeremy as leader. He is showing the world how politics should be done… — Ashley Jordan

Infiltrators, the term conjures up SS infiltrating the French Resistance.

Infiltrators, who are these infiltrators. The Daily Mail helpfully tells us. A few Greens.

Hard left? The absolute maximum of member of hard left parties is no more than 12,000. Even if all 12,000 have joined or registered as supporters of the Labour Party, it does not account for the huge surge in membership.

Does it actually matter if people have an association with another party? They are registering because they see the possibility of effecting real change.

Next we will be told members of ISIS have registered as Labour Party supporters. Or maybe Vladimir Putin has managed to infiltrate.

Comedian and columnist for The Independent Mark Steel  is one of those blocked. Film maker Ken Roach is another.

Apart from being supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, on what grounds to reject? In the case of Mark Steel, could it be because he mocked the way Labour is blocking supporters, to then run foul himself?

There is now a petition calling for Mark Steel to be reinstated, but it should not only be Mark Steel, it should be Ken Loach and everyone else who has been barred from participating in the Labour leadership election contest.

Those who can vote, was extended as it was thought it would bring in supporters of Tony Blair, or at least of the Labour Establishment. It has spectacular backfired. It has shown that people desire change, and the last person they would dream of supporting is Tony Blair, or his cronies.

And what are Labour Party values? Certainly not the bombing of Iraq, austerity, supporting corporate tax dodgers.

Will Howley:

Every time the discredited former Labour Leader Tony Blair says ‘Don’t Vote Corbyn’ an Angel gets its wings and 50 more Labour members get the confirmation they needed to vote Corbyn.

Ed Mliband must wince to awake in a cold sweat at what Corbyn has achieved in just 4 weeks that which he could not in 4 years as membership has gone from 180,000 in May to 610,000 today.

In 2010 there were 84,000 people on Labour’s Facebook page, 45k less that their main rivals. In winter 2014 it had risen, in line with the wider usage may be one answer, to 165,000. And today less than six months later and only just over three months since electoral defeat its grown to 360,465.

The shrill squealing of a few Labour MP’s and Lords led by their widely despised cheer leader in chief are so desperate that not only do the want to stop the contest, but already threaten to boycott Corbyn if becomes leader to offer a ‘coup’ to replace him with in months.

Are the so called ‘Blairites’ hoping, as they look into their highly polished crystal balls to predict a labour defeat under in 2020.

Its seems they would rather have David Cameron and his austerity clan in power than work for an alternative and a Labour Party victory? I think the term used by young who are now rushing to Labour to support Corbyn, formerly called ‘apathetic’, would call Blair and his tiny followers ‘Saddos’.

Young people, indeed the population as a whole, were called apathetic. How often have we heard, how do we engage young people?

Jeremy Corbyn has done just that. People have packed out his meeting, are organising his campaign. And the response? How do we weed these people out and stop them voting?

I find everywhere I go, there is excitement at the thought of a win by Jeremy Corbyn.
People who have no interest in politics, people who have always voted Tory are supporting Jeremy Corbyn.
The middle classes see their kids saddled with huge debts, with dire job prospectives.
People know the existing system is not working.
People look at Tory and Labour, Tweedledee v Tweedledum, they cannot see the difference. They think why vote, all it does is legitimise a corrupt system. If they want Tory, they vote Tory. Or those that voted Labour in May, did so with a peg over their nose, the lesser of two evils.
Every time I hear Labour Establishment attack Jeremy Corbyn, all it does is reinforce they have not a clue why they lost the last election, and that we need to see a wholesale clear out of these people.
People are sick of party apparatchiks, puppets of big business.
80% are opposed to corporate greed.
I am looking forward to Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minster’s Questions. It will be intelligent questioning, not infantile public school point scoring.
People are not interested in parties. What they are interested in is issues.
People are not interested in the Labour Party, they are interested in seeing Jeremy Corbyn elected as leader.
Meetings across the country are not being organised by local Labour Parties. They are being organised by young people with no party affiliation, who want to hear what Jeremy Corbyn has to say.

On Wednesday, the deadline for new registrations, Labour said 610,000 were signed up to vote in the leadership election. It had around 200,000 members before the general election. These additional members and supporters would be sufficient in their own right to form a new party with double the numbers Labour had before the general election.

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